The Brand
& Business Agency

Theseus is an experienced team of brand thinkers, designers, business strategists and commercial deal-makers. We work in entertainment, media, art and design with clients who own and manage valuable intellectual property.

We develop brand and business strategies that balance long-term brand integrity with commercial opportunity.

Our Approach

Theseus was founded in 2011 and is based in London. As a team, we believe that clear and focused strategy is the golden thread that leads to the right organisational structure and culture. Based on a lot of practical experience, we offer support in putting those strategies to work throughout the organisation.

Brand Positioning

Defining what the brand stands for and who the brand stands for to inform everything you do.

Brand & Business Planning

Setting new targets, defining the tactics and delivering the changes needed to achieve them.

Creative Development

Designing and delivering new branded formats and content.

Theseus Agency
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